Ground Control to Major Tom (aka: the Launching Pad)

Every river has a birthing place.  A place high in the mountains where it’s cold and snowy and I probably wouldn’t want to visit because I don’t like being cold and its early spring and I’m so sick of snow I can barely stand it!  (Wow – Freudian much?  Moving on…)  From that high mountain peak the water trickles down, becomes a rivlet, picks up speed, has some friends join it, and eventually becomes big enough to carry barges and tugboats, blah blah blah, we’ve all heard the analogy.  And like every river, every journey has a starting point.  My Journey (yup, with a capital J – I’m going emo today!) was birthed this past Monday.  I know – it’s kinda weird that I know the exact date.  But I do.  Maybe I’ll tell ya about it some day.  The idea hatched on Monday, and officially became a Journey with a capital J on Tuesday.  It’s the digital age kids, ideas move quickly!

Tuesday night I put some tchotchkes in a box.  This morning I cleared some counter space.  I plan on ditching some sweaters later this evening.

I know I said in this post that it’s not just about the physical stuff (although I believe my exact word was “shit.”)  And it’s not.  But everyone has to start somewhere, and the physical stuff is my starting spot.  For today.

Do I have any qualms about this part of the Journey?  You can bet your tchotchke loving ass I do!  Here’s but a few:

  • I like color.  I like “pop”.  If I’m a minimalist does it mean I have to have white walls and no couch and only own one shirt?  ‘Cause if it does, I want no part of it!
  • I change my mind a lot.  If I start down the minimalist road and get rid of a lot of my stuff will I regret it in 4 months and want it all back?
  • Let’s say I pare my wardrobe down to 10 or 15 or 33 pieces.  That means doing laundry quite often.  I hate doing laundry.
  • If I end up really liking this whole minimalist thing, what will people get me for Christmas?  Seriously.  This is one of my worries.  I know.  I’m shallow.  Either get over it or leave!

So, those are my worries.  Whew.  I feel better now.  Writing things down always makes me feel better.  Gets them out of my head.  Lightens my load.  (Maybe I’m a little more minimalist than I was 10 seconds ago because of this – woot!)  And looking at my little list actually kinda makes me feel better.  Those aren’t big things to over come:

  • So I put a pink silk cover on my Japanese duvet instead of a white organic cotton one.  Big whoop.  And the single orchid on my mantle piece will be bright red, not white.  Still modern.  Still minimalist.  And to those who only like white, let me remind you of another person who only likes white: the Grand Dragon of the KKK! (okay, so that may have been a  little inappropriate, maybe I should take that out)
  • Yup.  I might regret it.  Get over it and move on.  So I might have to buy a pot to replace one I donated to Goodwill.  If this is the biggest tragedy of this experiment, I’ll consider it a universal success.
  • If I think about it, it’s not the doing the laundry I hate.  It’s the putting away of the laundry.  So, reducing the wardrobe would inherently help with this.  Less clothes = less clean laundry to put away!
  • Seriously?  That’s what I’m worried about?  First of all, Christmas is 9 months away.  Secondly, in less than 45 seconds thought, I can come up with the following non-things to ask for for Christmas:
    • Massage subscription (gift certificate for weekly massage – not a magazine)
    • Delicious dinner at an amazing steak house
    • iTunes gift certificate
    • Voucher for fresh cut flowers weekly

That’s my starting point.  I don’t know what my end point is.  Don’t really care.  I’m cool with an open ended ticket.


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