It’s not about white walls or futons on the floor…

What is minimalism?  Or, really, what is minimalism as defined by yours truly?  I don’t have it neatly summed up yet, but here’s my working definition:

Minimalism: (n). From the Latin “to not have a lot shit*To want what you have and have only what you want.  To be who you want, and want who you are.

My definition has nothing to do with white walls or futons on the floor.  Nothing to do with having only 100 things.  Or decluttering.  Or riding your fixie to work.  These things may come as a byproduct, they probably will (okay, probably not the 100 things if you sane by any measure!), but they are not the essence of minimalism.  At least in my view, at this point time.  At this point in my journey.

*Shit it this context refers to physical shit (aka “stuff”) as well as mental shit (aka “baggage”).


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