Thinking About a Wardrobe Challenge

In my readings one theme that keeps popping up is the “wardrobe challenge”.  The idea being you pare your wardrobe down to 6 or 33 or some small number of articles of clothing.  I’m thinking about taking this on.

See, this is how I work.  An idea comes into my head, usually from reading something online (I’m not smart enough or creative enough to think of this stuff on my own!).  I mull it over for a while, let it roll around in my brain, try it on for size, see how it feels for a day or two or seven.  Then, if it’s still there, I write it down.  Usually in the journal that sits by my bed.  That’s when it starts to become real.  (In its previous just-in-my-brain state, ideas aren’t real.  They can’t scare me or make me nervous because they are just in my brain and can’t hurt me.  It’s when they are put on paper that they start to take on shape and have consequences, good or bad.)  I mull it over for a while longer.  Then I might mention it to someone.  Usually someone who isn’t a close friend or family member (i.e. someone not in my inner circle, who has no reason to judge the idea, and by extension, me).  And then, when I’m comfortable with the idea, it comes out to my peeps.  The people whose judgement I value and approval I seek (I know – this is approval seeking is a problem.  I’m working on it).  Usually by this point I’ve sold myself on whatever idea I’m presenting (remember – I’ve been playing with this guy for what could be weeks by now!) and can pull off the grand unveiling without too much self doubt.

But anyway (what was I talking about?  How did I get on this tangent of the inner workings of my brain?  Scary!) – back to the wardrobe thing.  I was on Sara’s blog Life More Lived and she wrote pretty extensively about her experience with the 6 Item Challenge.  So, I’ve decided to think it over, to hold onto it for a while and see how it feels.  Try it on for size, pun intended.  You guys will be the first to know if I decide to move forward with it.  Thanks, Sara, for giving me something to think about!


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