More Thinking on a Wardrobe Challenge

I’ve thought a lot today about the wardrobe challenge, surfing a bunch of websites and reading blogs.  At first I considered doing a 6 Item Challenge, but no matter which way I arranged my tops and bottoms I didn’t think I could live with 6 items for 30 days.  I upped it to 10.  Here’s my preliminary list:

  1. Khakis
  2. Black jersey skirt
  3. Jeans
  4. White button down
  5. Colored button down (short sleeve)
  6. Yellow cardigan
  7. Neutral cardigan (not sure if it will be black or ivory)
  8. T-shirt
  9. Beaded tank top
  10. Jersey shirt (probably a teal blue, but maybe white)

General Rules:

  • 10 articles of clothing to be worn for 30 days: April 1 through April 30 (weekdays and weekends alike)
  • Not counted in 10 items: underwear, accessories, shoes, workout clothes, loungewear
  • Loungewear may not be worn in public – only the listed 10 items can be worn in public

That’s what I’m thinking.  I’m not sold on the white button down, as it could only really be worn to work.  Perhaps I’ll switch it out with a white v-neck 3 quarter length jersey shirt I have.

One thing I’m worried about is being warm enough.  I don’t know if I’ll be chilly in the office with a short sleeve shirt and a cardigan on.  It is April in Connecticut – we’re predicted to get 3 – 6 inches of snow tomorrow (no April fools joke here, I swear!).  We’ll see.  I’m not jumping into the project with two feet as I probably should.  I’m more dipping a couple of toes into it.  I’ll start tomorrow definitely, and give it some more mulling over the weekend.  But just to be safe I’ll stick to my list, just in case I decide to dive in headlong!


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